Worker Holding Air Conditioning Tools — JJ AC Service in Miami, FL

About JJ A/C Service

Over 15 years of Quality Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Since opening it's doors in 2000, and with over 15 years of experience, JJ A/C Service has been providing quality service and equipment to all it's South Florida clients. At JJ A/C Service, they believe in the personal touch and are very proud to be a family-owned air conditioning service company. Their expert, trained and certified technicians are right around the corner whenever you need them.
JJ A/C Service is an FPL independent contractor. All certified FPL independent contractors are trained in helping you make your home energy efficient while saving you money on your monthly electrical bill. You also have the added assurance that comes from dealing with a certified professional.

JJ A/C Service wants their clients to become their friends.... They strive to create long lasting relationships with each and every one of their valued.
If You Have Additional Questions About JJ A/C Service ... Please, Call: (305) 984-8016